Education Resources for Pejar Local Aboriginal Land Council

May 19, 2011 by

Pejar Local Aboriginal Land Council received a grant of $6500 to assit in the purchase of resources to support its Learning Education and Culture for Koori Kids (LECKK) program.

CEO, Delise Freeman, explained that “as part of our Community Land and Business Plan, and various consultations with the local community and other organisations, one of the major concerns that arose was education; the community decided that an education program

run from the Land Council's Learning and Resource room would be a positive way to overcome this.”

The Trust's funding has provided educational resources, art, craft and cooking supplies for children aged from kindergarten to year 12. “We want to make learning for our Aboriginal children fun. Statistics show that Aboriginal children have a drop out of school rate highter than the rest of the population. They also show we are below average in numeracy and literacy. By setting up this project we are hoping to overcome this and bridge the gap between our indigenous children and the wider community.”

Pictured above are some of the local children who have participated in the LECKK program this year.