Trust assists the Shoalhaven Reptile Club

Jul 13, 2011 by

The committee and members of the Shoalhaven Reptile Club are very appreciative of the donation from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust which was used to purchase a laptop computer and PA system.

President Paul Jorgensen sent “a very warm and sincere thank you for the Trust's support of our Club.”  Mr Jorgensen said “There are benefits to the club and broader community from this donation. For example;  

  • People attending the Club's meetings can see improvements in how the Club is being organised and run.
  • The Club invites guest

    speakers to our meetings to provide information about reptiles for the benefit of our members and guests. To have our own equipment such as a laptop computer allows the Club to portray a professional approach to running meetings.

  • The committee can use the laptop computer to record meeting minutes and the like directly onto the laptopcomputer. This allows for more efficient running of the Club.
  • Mr Jorgenson said the Shoalhaven Reptile Club has grown over recent years and enjoys regular meetings with good attendance. “The broader community of the Shoalhaven is becoming more and more aware of the Reptile Club and we field enquiries about reptile keeping regularly. So in terms of achieving the objectives of the Club we provide information and advice to people about good husbandry practices for reptiles which is important for any animal in captivity.”