The Crescent School SSP interactive whiteboard

Mar 26, 2012 by

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust funded the purchase of an Interactive Whiteboard for The Crescent School SSP with a grant of $6,263. IT Co-ordinator and teacher, Kathryn Lang said “the interactive whiteboard has increased the student's ability to access the overall curriculum within the Autistic class. It has provided the students with increased opportunities and programs to increase reading skills, number recognition, communication and sensory stimulation.”

Principal, Mr Peter Pilgrim, said “our students live in a technologic

al world. Students in mainstream settings have access to technology on a daily basis. For students with disabilities and/or impairments to have equality in education, it is important they are given every opportunity to access technologies that put them on an equal footing with their peers. Many students within the school suffer from sensory dysfunction; these technologies assist students with sensory integration through visuals and sounds. Students with communication disorders are also supported through these technologies. The visuals and associated sounds ensure students understand how to complete interactive activities.”

Pictured above is Veolia Mulwaree Trust Chairman, Mr Paul Stephenson officially handed over the Electronic Whiteboard to relieving principal, Edwina Turner, at the school's Christmas concert in December.