CareSouth Aunties and Uncles Program

Aug 7, 2012 by

CareSouth's Aunties and Uncles Program has been assisted by a donation of $1,000 from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust.  CareSouth Partnership Manager, Clare Wilson, said they have consistently positive feedback from this program. She said; “The community loves this program! Many thanks for your support.

“Although we only have four paid staff in the Aunties and Uncles Program, the help of the 80 vol

unteer carers means that for minimal funding we can provide comprehensive support to many children. The volunteers provide over 45,000 hours of care to children in any one year.”

In the 2010/11 year CareSouth supported 62 children from vulnerable families in this residential mentoring program. The children are aged between three and twelve and they stay with volunteer carer families at least once a month. The children come from families who are vulnerable, and often going through periods of crisis. The Aunties and Uncles Program provides an opportunity for the children to have additional support, positive role models, and an extended 'family' within their community.