New Learning Opportunities at Goulburn East Public School

Nov 27, 2012 by

With a $5,810 grant from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust and contributions from its P&C committee, Goulburn East Public School has purchased an interactive whiteboard and garden beds for its community garden.

Mr Darcey, the Principal of Goulburn East Public School, said “We recently celebrated our 125th anniversary and there were many positive comments about how nice our community garden area is and how great it is that we are keeping up to date with the changes in technology.”

Each class has planted out their own beds with a variety of flowers and vegetables. The Infants classes watched and participated in an online iGrow excursion using the new Interactive Whiteboard in the Kindergarten Classroom. During the online excursion, they planted seeds which they have watched form seedlings and have now planted into their garden beds.

Community members helped with the setting up and planting of the garden beds and are looking forward to seeing and tasting what the students grow. Mr Darcey said, “The garden beds provide a platform for students, parents and the wider Eastgrove community to work together in the cultivation and possible sale of the fresh produce grown by the students. It also provides a nice area near our administration building, the main entrance to our school, which is visually appealing for current and prospective students and their families to see the community spirit that Goulburn East Public School prides itself on.”