St Bartholomew's Catholic Church Collector

Nov 7, 2012 by

The parishioners at St Bartholomew's Catholic Church Collector are very pleased with improvements they were able to make to the Church with a donation of $1000 from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust.

John Reardon, from the Maintenance Committee, said “our project will allow the general public the enjoy the aesthetic values of the Church in a state closer to how it was when originally built. Over recent years there has benn an increased awareness in the Collector community of the value of our local history.”

“By undertaking this project, the community of Saint Bartholomew's Catholic Church will demonstrate their committment to restoring the original heritage and aesthetic values of this building. This will raise awareness of heritage value within the church community and the wider public in general,” Mr Reardon said before the project began.

The donation was used to help with the cost of upgrading wiring and moving a meter box for safety and heritage reasons. Mr Reardon said the entire Collector Community would benefit as well as the parishioners as the Church was used during the annual Pumpkin Festival weekend.

Chairman of the Maintenence Committee, Michael Duck, said the Parishioners were very pleased with the change and had donated low energy internal lights. The completed project involved changing the power supply from overhead to underground, replacing old lines in the roof space and installing internal light switches.