Church facilities upgraded in Braidwood

Feb 27, 2013 by

St Bedes Braidwood webAn upgrade of the facilities in the grounds of St Bede’s Catholic Church in Braidwood has been successfully completed. The project included the purchase and erection of a storage shed, new concrete floor in an existing shed and erection of a new toilet facility.

Chairman of the St Bede’s Parish Finance Committee Terence Roach said that the project, which was strongly supported by local tradespeople, had been extremely well received by the wider Braidwood community.

“The project has most definitely achieved its objectives. The new storage shed allows for more effective storage of garden and related equipment,” Mr Roach said.

“The new floor in the larger storage shed has enabled much safer and more cost effective storage of equipment used by the Parish and it provides an excellent site for storage of goods donated to the local St Vincent de Paul Society for re-distribution to needy causes in the community.”

The original toilet block in the church grounds in Wallace Street has been retained for its heritage value and a new facility built by local tradepersons.

“The existence of a useable and attractive toilet block has been extremely well received by parishioners and visitors to the Church and grounds,” Mr Roach said.

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust proudly supported this $19,000 project  by providing a $14,690 grant.