Donation to St John’s Bolong Anglican Church

Aug 22, 2013 by

St John's BolongSt John’s Bolong Anglican Church has purchased and installed four infra red room heaters in the seating area of St John’s Bolong Church using a donation of $1000 they received from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust in April 2013.

Church Secretary/Treasurer, Nerida Croker, said the congregation of St John’s Bolong gratefully appreciate being able to update the heaters in the Church. “Everyone has commented that the new heaters are much more efficient and being able to have them installed in time for winter has been wonderful,” Mrs Croker said.

“The new heaters will be beneficial in providing warmth and comfort to our regular congregation members and visitors whilst attending our fortnightly services, also baptism, funeral and other special combined centre services of our Binda Parish,” said Mrs Croker.