Shade for the next Bungendore Show

Aug 22, 2013 by

The Bungendore Pastoral, Agricultural and Horticultural Society have purchased two shade structures with the assistance of a donation of $1000 from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust.

PA & H Society treasurer, Alison McKenzie, said “as our show takes place in the middle of summer, there are always requests for better and more protection from the sun and heat. Your generous donation will help us a lot.”

The Society plans to use the shade structures on the show day for “sheltering contestants, including many children, from the sun while waiting turn at fun events such as Flat Chat Dog Races and Pet Parade,” said Ms McKenzie. One of the shades will be used as a first aid station.

“As the show expands, and with increasing emphasis on sun safety, we have a greater requirement for portable sun protection,” she said. The Show has purchased free standing shade structures and borrows others where it can. More is always required, especially as our horse events have expanded,” said Ms McKenzie