New Kitchen for Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade

Oct 20, 2014 by

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Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade have utilised a Veolia Mulwaree Trust grant of $7,807 to upgrade their kitchen facilities.

Senior Deputy Captain and project manager, Mr Jamie Buck said “we now have a clean and modern food preparation facility to utilise during training and in case of future emergency situations. The new kitchen was a much needed addition to our Brigade.”

The grant funds assisted the Brigade to move the location of the existing kitchen and replace the 25 year old second hand cabinetry with a modern stainless steel servery, bench top, sink and cooking facility.  The area is well lit and now meets all current health standards.

Mr Buck said “we would like to thank the Veolia Mulwaree Trust for it’s contribution to the Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade.

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust is pleased to assist Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade with this wonderful project and looks forward to the facilities being of great use to members and the community for many years to come.