Mount Gibraltar Entrance Marked By Impressive Commemorative Trachyte Wall

Dec 17, 2015 by

Gibraltar Volunteers in front of WallThe entrance to the Mount Gibraltar Reserve is now marked by a ‘permanent and impressive’ Commemorative Trachyte Wall thanks to a Veolia Mulwaree Trust grant of $19,736.   Mount Gibraltar Landcare and Bushcare group received the Trust grant to compliment the outstanding amount of project funds they had raised themselves through the sale of their book ‘The Gib: Mount Gibraltar Southern Highlands’.

The newly constructed Trachyte Wall located in Oxley Drive, Bowral marks the entrance to the Mount Gibraltar Reserve which is home to Heritage Quarries Circuit walking trails. The project served to both secure loose and potentially hazardous parts of an embankment and create an interesting and inviting feature for the passing public.

Acting secretary of the Mount Gibraltar Landcare and Bushcare group, Ms Jane Lemann said “the wall has been completed most satisfactorily with many thanks to all concerned. The retaining wall has been built around the collapsing embankment at the Reserve entrance to protect the endangered ecological community. The wall evokes and commemorates the massive, heavy and strong quarrying industry that operated for 100 years (1886-1986) in the heritage reserve. It will become the first item viewed in the Interpretive Quarries Heritage Circuit walk”.

The Bowral Trachyte (microsyenite) is famous for its strength and beauty and was used in many great buildings at the time of Federation, for kerb and guttering and for many memorials. It is a grey/green stone that polishes beautifully. The Mount Gibraltar Commemorative Wall was built to improve the landscape and also draw attention to and promote a public understanding of the importance of the Bowral Trachyte industry and to complement the ‘genius’ of the place.”

The project has been ten years in the making and the Veolia Mulwaree Trust congratulates the Mount Gibraltar Landcare and Bushcare Group on the final completion of their Commemorative Trachyte Entrance Wall.

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust is proud to have assisted this hardworking and dedicated group with the completion of their beautiful project and looks forward to the Trachyte Wall standing as reminder of the importance of the area’s historic quarry industry for many years to come.