Binda Public School students transported to swimming lessons thanks to donation

Mar 2, 2017 by

Binda Public School were pleased to receive a donation of $1,000 from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust to ensure all students were able to attend valuable swimming lessons.

The donation enabled the School to hire a bus for their students to travel from Binda to Crookwell and return for the 10 day swim school program.

Lisa Harrison, principal of Binda Public School said, “we are very grateful for this donation as it allowed the whole school to benefit from the vital educational swimming program. The children at Binda Public School come from mainly farming families where they are around dams and creeks each day so learning to swim and water safety is very important from an early age.”

“Previously students were unable to attend the swim program as they could not provide transport to and from the Crookwell Pool. Now that we are able to provide a bus to transport the students parents don’t need to take time off work or make arrangements for their children to be driven to and from Crookwell each day.”

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust is very proud to support Binda Public School with their participation in the learn to swim program.