Braidwood FM relocates to newly constructed studio with assistance of Veolia Mulwaree Trust

Apr 4, 2017 by

 Braidwood’s Community Radio Station opened new station premises at a new location on the grounds of the Braidwood Servicemen’s Club with the assistance of a Veolia Mulwaree Trust grant of $20,583.

Previously, Braidwood FM broadcast from a studio located above a busy shop front on the main street of Braidwood. Entry to the studio required a steep climb up a narrow staircase with no wheelchair or disabled access. Presenters, guests and visitors to the old station found the access very difficult.

President of Braidwood FM, Mr Rod McClure said, “the project has been an outstanding success. The new station consists of two air-conditioned studios, one for broadcasting and one for production and training. It also includes facilities for presenters, volunteers and guests such as a kitchenette, wide doorways and a ramp for disabled access. The line of sight for the studio aerial to its broadcast point on Mt Gillimatong is now much ‘cleaner’. Security is greater as we are now located at a venue within the Braidwood Servicemen’s Club, with sensor lights and keyed access as opposed to our previous padlock system. Publicity surrounding the relocation has ensured that people in Braidwood now know where the studio is located.”

The Community radio serves many needs in Braidwood and its surrounding community. Radio reception is poor in many areas but 2BRW can be picked up by people in such areas and provides a reliable conduit to what is happening locally and across the nation.  Importantly, the radio provides local content for local people that would otherwise not exist. 

Station manager, Mr Gordon Waters said “the future of the community radio station is very bright with events and new programs and presenters coming on board, we are even in the process of becoming the local emergency broadcaster centre.”

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust is very proud to support Braidwood FM in establishing their new studio and wishes the staff, volunteers and Braidwood community many more years of continued enjoyment and information provided by the community radio station.