New PA System for Mount Hunter Public School thanks to Veolia Mulwaree Trust Grant

Jul 6, 2017 by

Mount Hunter Public School have utilised a Veolia Mulwaree Trust grant of $1,526 to purchase a much needed new PA system for use at school events.

The school’s old PA system was unreliable and used to give out in the middle of important events such as school assemblies, sporting carnivals and more embarrassingly, during solemn ceremonies such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

The small school of 41 students, managed to fundraise $500 towards the project and were thrilled when the Veolia Mulwaree Trust Board agreed to contribute the remaining funds required to purchase the new system.

Mount Hunter Public School was represented by the McSweeney family at the Veolia Mulwaree Trust Cheque Presentation event in Goulburn, at which time student Montanna McSweeney (pictured left) gratefully accepted the cheque on behalf of her school.

Principal Doris Herrmann  said, “we now have a reliable portable PA system which is used each week at our school assemblies and will be used off site at all sporting events and community held commemorative events such as ANZAC Day. We were very thankful to be using the new PA system at our Presentation Day last year and we are grateful to the Veolia Mulwaree Trust for supporting this valuable project for our school.”

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust is proud to assist Mount Hunter Public School with the purchase of the new PA system and wishes the staff, students and families many years of enjoyment at coming school events with the use of the new system.