Project Acquittals


Grant Acquittals – At the completion of the project

A grant report is to be returned to the Veolia Mulwaree Trust along with a statement of project expenditure.

To download the Trust’s Project Report and Grant Acquittal form click here

To download the Trust’s Grant Acquittal Guide click here

Donation Feedback Form

The Trust welcomes feedback from organisations who have received donation funding. This includes how your donation was used and the community benefit.

To download the one page Donation Feedback form click here

Scholarship Feedback Form

Scholarship recipients are required to provide a project report to Veolia Mulwaree Trust within twelve months from receipt of monies.

To download a copy of the Scholarship Feedback form click here

Reporting during the project

Organisations which are successful in receiving funding may be required to provide a progress report to the Veolia Mulwaree Trust during the project period.

To download a progress report form to assist in reporting to the Trust click here