Logo & Media


Acknowledgement and Logo

All promotional material for Veolia Mulwaree Trust funded projects are required to acknowledge the assistance with the prominent display of the logo and a statement, which look like this:

This community project is proudly supported by the

 The logo and statement should appear on any and all;

  • Plaques and signs
  • Web pages
  • Invitations
  • Media releases
  • Publications
  • Pamphlets
  • Programs

Media releases

All media releases regarding the project must include an acknowledgement, for example:

This community project was made possible by the assistance of funding from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust.

Other contexts

It is also appropriate to acknowledge the Veolia Mulwaree Trust’s contribution to your community project in other promotional contexts, such as Opening Night speeches, media interviews, etc.

How to download the logo

You can download the logo by right-clicking on the link and select ‘Save Target as …’

JPEG  click here[155 KB]      (best choice for Word documents, all 300dpi)

TIFF    click here [2.69 MB]      (bitmap data)

For more information about the use of the Veolia Mulwaree Trust logo you can download the style sheet here.

Veolia Mulwaree Trust logo colour

CMYK M:100 Y:100    Pantone 032    RGB F8; 13; OD

If the logo cannot be used in the colour format, it should be reproduced in black and white or in the darkest of the PMS colours you are using.

If you have any queries about accessing and using the Veolia Mulwaree Trust logo, please contact us Tel 02 4822 2786 Email: vmt@veolia.com.au